Captain's Log: Rosy, 24, cat owner and college graduate, forever in debt, currently seeking shelter from the real world. Please send help and food (but mostly food).

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm normal.
Never lasts long.

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Here are a few things I like:

-Harry Potter
-Doctor Who
-Star Trek
-Almost Human
-Teen Wolf
-Night Vale
-Disruptions in the space-time continuum (but only on Tuesdays)

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—Netflix would be by far the best dating site. “Here are 9 other singles in your area who have also watched Breaking Bad for 12 straight hours”


do you ever get random bursts of confidence and plan to do something then later wither in shyness

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Purr = happy cat noise

Gato = Spanish for cat

Purgatory = infinite realm of happy Spanish cats

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before u say anythign rude or offensive just think to urself: would steve rogers say that? if the answer is no, don’t say it 

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